New York 1974, printed 2013

"I took these photos in 1974, when I had just arrived in New York at 21 years old. Upon arrival in New York, I was immediately fascinated by the streets. I carried my 35 mm Nikon camera with me at all times. I was particularly drawn to the environment of my neighborhood, TriBeCa. At that time it was a ghost town, with dilapidated buildings neglected after businesses had crumbled. I chose these ten photographs because they capture time and place. This selection of photos emerged from a cache of negatives I recently unearthed; they hadn't seen the light of day since I took them. Looking back through the film, I was pleased to find the themes I explore in my current works - most notably STREET and even my new body of paintings, ROAD PAINT – are reflected in these early photographs." 

James Nares, 2013