New Kawela Surfboard (Egg Shape Single Fin)

New Kawela Surfboard (Egg Shape Single Fin)


Erik Parker
New Kawela Surfboard (Egg Shape Single Fin), 2016
hand shaped by Joe Falcone for Pilgrim Surf + Supply and glassed by Brewer Resin Works
87 x 21 1/4 inches
221 x 53.3 cm
Edition of 12

Please note that each surfboard is made custom to order, and allow for a six to eight week lead time.


Kasmin Editions is excited to announce the release of New Kawela Surfboard, a limited edition surfboard by ERIK PARKER distinguished by a vibrant beach motif and psychedelic color palette adapted from Parker’s 2014 painting New Kawela Bay. As in all of Parker’s works, New Kawela Surfboard touches pays homage to the diverse elements of American subculture which have been pivotal to the artist’s oeuvre since the onset of his practice. Bearing wildly colored figures of palm trees, tropical fauna and tranquil waves, the imagery is otherworldly yet surely familiar to surfers and beach goers.

Each edition is meticulously hand shaped by Joe Falcone for Pilgrim Surf + Supply, a Brooklyn-based company with satellite locations in Amagansett, New York and Tokyo, Japan. A long time friend of Parker, Falcone is a self-taught shaper whose artistry has been much celebrated within the surf community over the past decade. There is an unquestionable parallel between the skill with which Parker composes his paintings, and the care that Falcone pours into each of his boards.